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KhooSeller Guides

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Integrate PayPal and Pay In 3

Please familiarise yourself with the PayPal terms and conditions before proceeding with this integration. PayPal Pay in 3 is a "buy now, pay later" service and the fees to you will vary depending on which model you use. 

Note: There are no additional fees from KhooSeller to you if you use PayPal Pay in 3. 

1) Create a PayPal account by heading to  

2) Once you have an account, go to Account Settings - Business Information and find your Merchant ID

3) Inside your KhooSeller Portal, go to Settings - Integrations - PayPal

4) Enter your Merchant ID and optionally enable Payin3. 

5) Go to Settings - Order Management - Payment Methods and enable Paypal

6) We recommend you test this by looking at your basket page.