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KhooSeller Guides

(Formerly iPages Support)


Design is the area in which your web designer can setup your website appearance and manage all aspects of a website's design. 

We advise caution when editing your Design section and you may wish to consult your web designer prior to making any changes. 

The Design area is split into 5 main sections: 

  1. Layout: Manages the overall website layout  of the different elements of your webpage. You will notice the page is split into different sections and the layout present allows you to control each section separately. 
  2. Fonts: Sets the website fonts and colour schemes. 
  3. Presets: Defines the look of certain elements on your website.
  4. Menus: Controls the various menus on your website including the horizontal navigation and the mobile menu setup.
  5. Custom Styles: For all your custom stylesheets.