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Adding Sitemap to Google Analytics Search Console

On this page:

  • Overview
  • Open Webmaster tools/Google Search Console
  • Submit your sitemap


Submitting your sitemap to Google Analytics will allow Google to index your pages and can help your website optimisation.

To do this, you will need to have the Google Search Console open. 

Open Webmaster tools/Google Search Console

Log into your Google account and then open the Webmaster tools: 

Add your website as your 'property' and verify using Google Analytics (see integrating with Google Analytics to find out how) 

Submit your sitemap

Once you have added your website property, you can submit a sitemap (screenshot below) using the "Add/Test Sitemap". 

Type /_default/xml/sitemap.xml into the field.

Click "Submit". 

Your Site map is now submitted to Google.