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Reseller Pricing Schemes

Resellers Schemes Introduced

Reseller Schemes allow you to give your resellers a consistent discount and account for how your resellers are performing.  This allows you to segment your resellers and track how your reseller discounts are being used. e.g. If you sell Skincare products and you would like all Local Homeopaths to have 10% off all your products and all Large Homeopaths to have 15% off all your products, you can enable this through Reseller Schemes. 

Setting up Reseller Schemes 

You can set up your Reseller Schemes within 'Settings' > 'Sales' > eCommerce (Reseller Pricing Schemes) 

If this does not appear in this section, please contact iPages as your website may have been setup without this feature and can be added, upon request. 

Click the plus sign and fill in your Reseller Scheme details:

Adding Customers to Reseller Schemes

You now need to add your customers to the Reseller Schemes. You can do this by editting your Customer details.

Click 'Sales' > 'Customers' > 'Edit details'

On the customer edit page, click on the pen tool on the right hand side:

This will open a window in which you can add the customer as a reseller: 

Once you have checked this box, you have a choice over the reseller scheme you add the customer too. 

Click OK. 

You have now set up your customer as a reseller. All prices they see shall be discounted by the rate given.