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KhooSeller Guides

(Formerly iPages Support)

Introducing Components

What are Components?

A component is a way of quickly adding complex site-wide content by substituting with a curly bracket alternative. They offer a way of adding repeated complex content to your pages.

You can bring content into a page or several pages easily and without the need of lots of manual CSS coding through placing components into the structure of a page(/module). (This can be done through adding components to presets, the page body description or within page associated content).

Components are characterised by being surrounded by curly "{" brackets. For example, the page related items component, which is {*pg_related} (without asterisk).

There are two types of component, custom components and built-in components. Built-in components offer a substitution for pages and content which can be found already within your website whereas custom components can be made by an administrator to substitute in specific desired content that is not already available in a built-in component.

A list of all your website components and brief instructions on how to use them can be found within My Site > Components.