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KhooSeller Guides

(Formerly iPages Support)

Editing an eCampaign

Duplicating an eCampaign

To duplicate an eCampaign, first go to eCampaign > Campaigns


Click on the campaign that you want to duplicate then click the duplicate button.

Click OK.

Hover over edit and click Header.

Amend the title of the email campaign. 

Email Subject
Amend the subject of your email campaign. 

From Name
Amend the name of the sender from which the email originates. 

From Email
Amend the email of the sender from which the email originates.

Mailing List
Choose the appropriate mailing list you'll be sending this campaign to.

Editing an eCampaign

Go to eCampaign > Campaigns

Click on the campaign that you want to edit hover over edit and click design.

Edit Text.

Hover over the block and then click the pencil icon.

Edit the text in the WYSIWYG editor.

Click OK to save changes.

Edit Images

Images can be uploaded to an email campaign the same way that they're uploaded to all pages in your KhooSeller website Find out how to upload images here.

To replace or remove an existing image, hover on the block with the image and click the pencil icon.

Click on the image in the WYSIWYG editor

To delete the image, press backspace.

Click OK.

To replace the image, open the image tab.

Click the replacement image.

Click OK.

Adding Links to Images

You can select areas of the image or the whole image and make these areas clickable which will send users to a link. 

To create new links on certain parts of an image, hover over the block with your image and click the orange icon.

Click on the parts of the image to link.

Click Add.

Add the link to the link URL text box

Click OK.