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Xero Integration

On this page:

  • Overview
  • Enable the Integration
  • Setting up your Xero Integration
  • Exporting to Xero


To integrate your website with Xero, there is a three stage process:

  1. Enable the integration and authorise your Xero account
  2. Set up your Xero Integration (within Settings > Sales) 
  3. Run your export (within Reports > Export to Xero) 


Already using Xero? If you already have a Xero account, which you used previously to using iPages, click here to read how to integrate your iPages eCommerce site with your existing Xero account. 

Enable the Integration

Log into your iPages admin area.

Click on Settings > Integrations

Click on the pencil next to the Xero integration and link your Xero account details to your website (see image below).

This will redirect you to Xero to log into your account and authorise your iPages website.

After logging into Xero, you will be redirected back to your iPages admin area and recieve a message 'Xero Tokens Stored'. This means your account is now integrated.

Setting up your Xero Integration

Now, you will need to set up your Xero account codes so that your website accounts will dovetail into your Xero Account. This can be done within your Sales settings.

Click on Settings > Sales > Exports > Xero Settings

This page has three different types of setup:

Setting up your Customers and Account Codes:

'Start Accounts From' : If left blank this will take all of your website accounts (all orders etc) and export these to Xero. Only change if you would like to control the date from which your accounts are exported. 

'Default Customer Account Code': This allows you to group customers who you have not set up a 'group code' for. Any customers who register on your website (without you editting their account) will NOT have a group code. You may for instance, want to group all customers without a group code under 'Web Sales' however this will need to match an Account Code you have set up in Xero. If left blank, all customers will be exported and you can assign account numbers within Xero instead. 

'Sync Time': We would strongly recommend not changing this setting. 

Setting up your Invoice mapping:

This allows you to link each of your iPages codes to your Xero Account Invoice types: 

Setting up your Payment maps:

This maps your website payment types to the payment types you have within Xero. 

After setting up your mappings, you then need to run your export...

Exporting to Xero

This can be found within Reports > Sales > Export to Xero

We would recommend periodically exporting to Xero.

The first set of checkboxes are sequential and we would recommend exporting ALL fields. If only the last field is checked (Over payments) then all fields above are also exported.

If you have any problems with your integration, do not hesitate to get in touch.