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KhooSeller Guides

(Formerly iPages Support)

Setting up eCampaigns

Setting up your email campaign

To set up an email campaign, first, go to eCampaign > Campaigns.

Click New and fill in the required fields.

Enter the title of the email campaign. E.G. An email to our UK Customers

Email Subject
Enter the subject of your email campaign. E.G. SAVE 20% - 24 hours only!

From Name
Enter the name of the sender from which the email originates. E.G. Company A

From Email
Enter the email of the sender from which the email originates. E.G.

Mailing List
Choose the appropriate mailing list you'll be sending this campaign to.

The Basics

It's important we understand a few things before continuing with the build of our email campaign.

Page Images
This is where you'll be able to upload all of the images associated with your email campaign.

Page Blocks
Page blocks are the components which aid in building the structure of your email.

As you'll see from the above example you have many choices on how you wish to structure your email. Each 'box' represents a row and within that row are a variety of column layouts which you'll be able to choose.

Email background settings
The email background settings allow you to change the background colour of your design and also the width. Click the square to alter the background colour and click the pencil to alter the width.

Email foreground settings
The email foreground settings allow you to change the background colour of your design. Click the square to alter the background colour.

Setting up the structure

Choose Edit Background Colour by clicking on the background icon.

Choose an appropriate background colour for your email and click OK.

You may wish to do the same for the foreground colour.

Click the Page Blocks icon and drag your required blocks into your design.

Depending on your design you should look similar to this.

Adding images

Click on the Page Images icon and upload your image assets for this campaign.

Drag the required images into the column you'd like them to appear.

Area mapping your images

To do this, hover over your image and click the orange icon.

Click on the item you'd like to function as a link and click add.

You'll see a URL box appear. Paste in the link.

Click OK.

To remove a link click the bin icon.

Adding text to the email

Hover over the row/column you'd like to include text and click the pencil icon.

Insert your content then click OK.

Click Save Changes after making any changes.