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Adding Email Template Fields

On this page:

  • What are email template fields?
  • Email template fields

What are email template fields?

Email template fields are curly bracket shorthands which are placed into your emails which are replaced dynamically with a substitution.

You'll find the available fields listed within each email template but we've listed them below for your reference.

Email template fields

Below is a list of the all the fields and substitutions for the email template presets.

Note: Please check the relevant email template preset for accepted fields. 

Field Substitution
{date} Current date (e.g. 1 Nov 2014)
{date_dx} Date in x days time
{email} Users email
{name} E.G. Steve Jones
{organisation} Organisation
{username} Login username
{reset_link} Link to page to reset your password
{quote_date} Quote date
{quote_ref} Quote reference
{quote_link} Quote link
{quote_embed} Quote embeded in page
{quote_pdf} Quote PDF attached
{order_date} Order date
{order_ref} Order reference
{order_link} Order link
{order_embed} Order embeded in
{order_pdf} Order PDF attached
{invoice_date} Invoice date
{invoice_ref} Invoice reference
{invoice_link} Invoice link on website
{invoice_embed} Invoice embeded in page
{invoice_pdf} Invoice PDF attached
{despatch_date} Despatch date
{despatch_ref} Despatch reference
{despatch_link} Despatch link on website
{despatch_embed} Despatch embeded in page
{despatch_pdf} Despatch PDF attached
{credit_date} Credit date
{credit_ref} Credit reference
{credit_link} Credit link on website
{credit_embed} Credit embeded in page
{credit_pdf} Credit PDF attached
{statement_link} Statement link on website
{statement_embed} Statement embeded in page
{statement_pdf} Statement PDF attached
{overdue_embed} Overdue statement embeded in page
{pur_order_date} Purchase Order date
{pur_order_ref} Purchase Order reference
{pur_order_link} Purchase Order link on website
{pur_order_embed} Purchase Order embeded in page
{pur_order_pdf} Purchase Order PDF attached
{review_date}Review date
{review_link}Review link on website