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KhooSeller Guides

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Email Settings

On this page:

  • What are email templates?
  • Custom Templates
  • Preset Templates
  • Defaults, headers and footers

What are email templates?

Email templates are a collection of emails associated with your online selling. (Note, if you do not sell online, you will not have this setting)

Custom templates

Custom email templates are there for you to use should you wish not to use the preset templates.

Simply go to Email > Custom and click Add.

When the dialogue appears fill in the fields.

Using the content area, add in your custom content. Substituted fields are available on the right. 

When you're happy you've completed your custom template, click "Save Changes".

Preset templates

There are a selection of preset email templates available for you to use that are easily customisable to suit your needs.


  • Registration
  • Password reminder
  • Quote
  • Order
  • Invoice
  • Despatch
  • Credit
  • Statement
  • Pay request
  • Overdue payment
  • Supplier Order
  • Reviews

Email Template preset

Email subject
The subject of the email. This should match the preset it represents.

From name
The name of the sender. For example: Company A

From email
The email of the sender. For example:

To email
This is automatically filled in by the system.

BCC email
If you would like a copy of this email each time then enter your email address here.

Disable this email template
Disabling the email template will mean no emails will be send using it.

Send email using default headers
Check this to use the default header you've made under Defaults, Header, Footer.

Email Template Sub Fields

Defaults, headers and footers

You can change the defaults, headers and footers of your emails by amending the appropriate fields

Default sender name
Enter the default senders name. E.G Company A

Default sender email
Enter the default senders email address. E.G

You can change the header of your emails which will appear on all emails except for those sent through the e-campaign module.

You can change the footer of your emails which will appear on all emails except for those sent through the e-campaign module.